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Lost Buy Box – How can Marketing Help?

lost buy box

Lost buy box continues to stupefy advertisers. As someone who is held accountable for Amazon sales volume, I’ve found precious little information on how to deal with a true cluster of a lost buy box situation. Let’s get started. What is the Buy Box? For those of you who are loathe to click my earlier…

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How to Align Your Digital Media Metrics

misaligned KPIs

It’s not news that clients and digital media agencies share a higher level of distrust than in previous decades. The client holds an RFP and pushes agencies to deliver their service free of charge. Desperate to close new accounts, the agencies’ respective sales teams give away their most valuable asset for free. In the performance…

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Just say no to the digital media agency black box

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I joined performance digital agency with lots of big-name clients. Our value proposition was the holy grail of digital media – “We’ll only bill clients when we drive a sale for them.” And, in a way, it was true. We invested our own money and took the risk…

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Are There Better Alternatives to Heatmaps?

You’ve seen them. A chart overlay of your website that shows where people on the site clicked. Marketing people get really excited about these. They can show their bosses that they’re using some really space-age technology to improve the site. Never once have I heard, “So what? It doesn’t mean they’re purchasing.” In eCommerce, we’re…

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Is Working from Home More Productive?

Updated 5/30/2020 I work out of my home. That was a conscious choice almost exactly three years ago when I worked at an agency just 12 miles away. I would leave the house before my (then) 6 year old son was off to school. Most of the time, I would get home as he was…

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How Do You Test a Creative Concept?

bad creative data

One of the most overused concepts in digital marketing is “Let’s test this messaging/image in digital before we launch…” It’s not a bad idea, it’s that hardly anyone follows through on it properly. Companies requesting this sort of report generally fall into two categories: A company fires up a messaging test in digital to help…

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Converting Cord Cutters – Success Story

I’m excited to have been featured in a new success story from the Trade Desk. We focused on reaching early adopter audiences where they were consuming media. In other words, progressively not on linear TV but on their Connected TV devices.

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