Amazon Sponsored Ads

How We Measure Amazon Sponsored Ads KPIs & Free Template

We’re often asked what the true measure of Amazon advertising success is and which Amazon Sponsored Ads KPIs should be used as the source of truth. How do I know if this campaign is working? I feel like we’re just taking credit for sales we would have gotten anyway. Is that true? Where should I…
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Transcribing the Ramblings of the Public Business Call Blowhard

A few years ago, I was boarding a flight from San Francisco to Denver. While slumming it in United boarding group 4, I happened to be standing in line near two business associates eating at a restaurant. One was sitting in silence. The other was having an extremely loud phone conversation with someone else. Here’s…
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lost buy box

Lost Buy Box – How can Marketing Help?

Lost buy box continues to stupefy advertisers. As someone who is held accountable for Amazon sales volume, I’ve found precious little information on how to deal with a true cluster of a lost buy box situation. Let’s get started. What is the Buy Box? For those of you who are loathe to click my earlier…
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the original performance dashboard

Performance Dashboards – Common Mistakes

Performance dashboards are important. Just ask anyone in a digital marketing field. Now, ask those same people if they use everything contained in that dashboard. They real answer is likely “no”. Underutilized dashboards can waste resources, time, and money. Who should bear the responsibility of a dashboard that goes unused? Let’s look at a dashboard…
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misaligned KPIs

How to Align Your Digital Media Metrics

It’s not news that clients and digital media agencies share a higher level of distrust than in previous decades. The client holds an RFP and pushes agencies to deliver their service free of charge. Desperate to close new accounts, the agencies’ respective sales teams give away their most valuable asset for free. In the performance…
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Career Advice for the Demand Generation Professional

I recently began reading a friend’s book (“Adulting Made Easy(er)”) In it, the authors offer some salient tips for teens entering post-high school studies – and their parents. In high school, our guidance counselor (between cigarette breaks) had us take a career assessment exam. At the time, my career of choice appeared to be “Theater…
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