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When to Shut Down Paid Media

Most articles I read about marketing or digital media for startups are fairly self-serving to the marketing people and agencies – and mostly lacking in specifics that could actually help. Check out some of the headlines from a recent “marketing startups” search on Google News: 10 Proven Online Marketing Opportunities for Making Your Small Business…

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How is ACoS Calculated?

Like most paid media folks, over the last few years I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in Amazon advertising interfaces – specifically Amazon Sponsored Ads (formerly Amazon Marketing Services) and Amazon DSP (Formerly Amazon Media Group). It’s understandable that these channels would take up so much time and money. Amazon is where 49% of…

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In-sourcing what drives value

After getting solid momentum for your startup, one can certainly understand the temptation to jump on board with an agency to capitalize on that momentum. An agency or team of agencies should have the tools, headcount, and collective expertise to expand upon what you already do well. Not to say a match isn’t possible (I…

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