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Are There Better Alternatives to Heatmaps?

You’ve seen them. A chart overlay of your website that shows where people on the site clicked. Marketing people get really excited about these. They can show their bosses that they’re using some really space-age technology to improve the site. Never once have I heard, “So what? It doesn’t mean they’re purchasing.” In eCommerce, we’re…

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Is Working from Home More Productive?

Updated 5/30/2020 I work out of my home. That was a conscious choice almost exactly three years ago when I worked at an agency just 12 miles away. I would leave the house before my (then) 6 year old son was off to school. Most of the time, I would get home as he was…

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How Do You Test a Creative Concept?

bad creative data

One of the most overused concepts in digital marketing is “Let’s test this messaging/image in digital before we launch…” It’s not a bad idea, it’s that hardly anyone follows through on it properly. Companies requesting this sort of report generally fall into two categories: A company fires up a messaging test in digital to help…

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