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How to Align Your Digital Media Metrics

misaligned KPIs

It’s not news that clients and digital media agencies share a higher level of distrust than in previous decades. The client holds an RFP and pushes agencies to deliver their service free of charge. Desperate to close new accounts, the agencies’ respective sales teams give away their most valuable asset for free. In the performance…

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Just say no to the digital media agency black box

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I joined performance digital agency with lots of big-name clients. Our value proposition was the holy grail of digital media – “We’ll only bill clients when we drive a sale for them.” And, in a way, it was true. We invested our own money and took the risk…

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Who is the Referee in Digital Media?

I’ve become a quick fan of Michael Lewis’ new podcast, “Against the Rules“. The basic premise is the state of the “referee” in our society (i.e. the impartial third-parties that are brought in to keep all parties honest). In limited airings, he’s hit on roles of art authenticators, ombudsmen, government agencies, and actual referees. In…

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The Realities of “Casting a Wide Net” in Digital Media

If you’ve been in Facebook, Google, Amazon Sponsored Ads, or most other self-service media platforms in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly come across some sort of audience size estimation tool for your target market. Let’s check out a few to refresh your memory: Facebook: YouTube: Google Display Network: Google Search (Bid Simulator): You get…

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Alternatives to “We Need More Budget to Hit These Targets”

Startups are (usually) investing someone else’s money in hopes of generating a sizable return. So why are startups so often encouraged to spend ad nauseam for revenue goals when profitability is the ultimate goal? I’m sure you’ve gotten the pitch from your marketing staff or agency – “If we had more budget, we could really…

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When to Shut Down Paid Media

Most articles I read about marketing or digital media for startups are fairly self-serving to the marketing people and agencies – and mostly lacking in specifics that could actually help. Check out some of the headlines from a recent “marketing startups” search on Google News: 10 Proven Online Marketing Opportunities for Making Your Small Business…

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