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How We Measure Amazon Sponsored Ads KPIs & Free Template

Amazon Sponsored Ads

We’re often asked what the true measure of Amazon advertising success is and which Amazon Sponsored Ads KPIs should be used as the source of truth. How do I know if this campaign is working? I feel like we’re just taking credit for sales we would have gotten anyway. Is that true? Where should I…

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Lost Buy Box – How can Marketing Help?

lost buy box

Lost buy box continues to stupefy advertisers. As someone who is held accountable for Amazon sales volume, I’ve found precious little information on how to deal with a true cluster of a lost buy box situation. Let’s get started. What is the Buy Box? For those of you who are loathe to click my earlier…

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The Amazon DSP Metric Glossary

Amazon DSP Glossary

If you’ve ever received a report on an Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) buy, you’ve likely been inundated with information overload. My most recent export report has 48 columns loaded with acronyms and nebulous definitions. Let’s go down the list of targeting and performance data and define specifically what it all means so we can…

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How is ACoS Calculated?

Like most paid media folks, over the last few years I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in Amazon advertising interfaces – specifically Amazon Sponsored Ads (formerly Amazon Marketing Services) and Amazon DSP (Formerly Amazon Media Group). It’s understandable that these channels would take up so much time and money. Amazon is where 49% of…

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