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As much as Google and Bing have changed over the years, the core philosophies of search campaign builds and optimization remain very much the same. Relevancy and an excellent user experience after the click creates a win-win scenario for both you and the search engine.


How? Relevancy drives the payable action to Google (click) and increases the amount of money Google makes each time they show your ad. When Google begins showing your ad more, they start giving you a break on the cost to encourage you to keep advertising.


Flywheel works to pull all the levers that lead to relevancy while measuring success by what drives return for your startup. We know you don’t get paid by people clicking on your ad. That’s why we focus on how well campaigns drive your sales.

Case Study
Case Study: 23Zero

In 2019, 23Zero moved Google Ads management from a large agency to Flywheel Demand Generation to improve transparency and performance. See what happened.

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