Case Study: 23Zero

Full transparency into media buying and quick campaign pivots for inventory management

Case Study
In 2019, 23Zero moved Google Ads management to Flywheel Demand Generation from a large agency to improve return on adspend and to get treated as a partner rather than a low-budget media client.

Flywheel immediately restructured all Google Ads accounts, targeting all tightly around specific rooftop tent or awning types that 23Zero needs to sell based on inventory levels. These campaigns are flipped on or off in minutes to be fully aligned with models that 23Zero would prefer to move sooner.

An automated reporting interface was created so 23Zero’s management team can always have their most recent eCommerce and media data at their fingertips. And if the team needs something right away, we always pick up the phone.

US eCommerce

US eCommerce revenue: 4x in 2019 vs. 2018 (on pace to 3x in 2020 vs. 2019)

Canada eCommerce

In the first 6 months of management, revenue is up 20x versus all of 2019.

eCommerce dashboard