TV Buying & Program Management

Add TV Buying to Your Startup's Playbook

TV buying can be enticing for a startup. It can also be expensive to test, time-consuming to manage, and difficult to attribute value versus the other marketing programs in use. Flywheel works with your team to define proper attribution models for your full media plan - online and offline.


We'll set up your test plan, work to get you the best rates, and align your TV strategy with the rest of your media plan - measuring your overall success along the way. Flywheel will take the day-to-day management to help your startup jump on opportunities that make sense when they come in.


Once all is going well, we'll help you scale your TV campaign, measuring your overall business results along the way. 

Flywheel Demand Generation is a Tatari Certified TV Consultant partner

Flywheel is partnered with Tatari TV to add TV to your brand's media mix. Tatari makes TV advertising into a digital-like experience, buying and reporting in close to real time. 

As a certified consultant, Flywheel can manage the day-to-day needs of a buy through Tatari and integrate TV results into your total marketing attribution model.

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Tatari Certified TV Consultant

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