Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Laser focus on metrics that matter

Are you tired of getting reports pointing out how bounce rate decreased 3% last month as if that’s important to you? We’ll tag your site and create custom reports so you’ll receive insights to know which of your site elements are driving value. Everything we learn from these reports goes straight to your playbook and many can be applied across your business immediately.

What you get
Google Analytics Certified

Don't entrust your site analytics to amateurs.

Event Tracking and Goal Setting Conventions

We'll tag each element of your site and tie their performance to your site revenue.

Custom reports tying site analytics to conversions

Get reports based on what is driving revenue and insights to help you drive more revenue.

Case Study
Aligning site events with revenue

One of our clients completed a large-scale site redesign. Flywheel assigned each event on the site an individual event and tied each event per page to revenue by creating custom reports. From this data, we flagged which variables on site were driving the most value (and made them more prominent), learned which videos did the best job closing sales, and even identified where we should be spending the most time in social media channels.

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