Google Display Network, YouTube Ads, and Demand Side Platforms

A track record of tying display and video ads to sales

Life as a media buyer was easy in the 80s, wasn’t it? You were able to dial a network, buy some ad spots, and hightail it out for cocktails around five. Not so much anymore with the way video viewing has changed in the last few years. We’re streaming through our smart TV while playing a game on our phones. Oh yeah, and we now know about viewability, ad fraud, botnets, and user-generated content.


On the flip side, do you know what our Don Draper friends on Madison Avenue never had? The ability to tie video views to sales and retarget to people who have seen our video on Connected TV. Does it work? We moved our client’s entire TV budget from linear TV to Connected TV in 2018, then proceeded to cut the cost per acquisition in half in just a few weeks. Check it out.

Case Study
Don't take our word for it. See our full case study from The Trade Desk

In 2017, our client was focused on moving the needle in awareness with linear TV within early adopter audiences. We partnered with the Trade Desk to move a fraction of the TV budget to Connected TV. We were able to better target a cord cutter audience and measure results to sales. Within a couple weeks, we had cut the initial cost per acquisition in half. We were the first to advertise on a live sporting event on the platform. Want to explore this option for your startup? Drop us a line!


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