Cast Study: Yale Home

Scaling Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP to move the Amazon business

Yale Home
Yale’s Amazon media had been managed by a small marketing team, stretched across multiple marketing disciplines. This led to a “set-it-and-forget-it” Amazon media campaign and questions around if the buy could increase sales if it were directly managed by an experienced media team.

Flywheel Demand Generation got started by organizing all SKUs by compatible smart home platforms. We then got to work building relevant keyword lists for each platform and marrying them to their respective smart home platform, creating extremely relevant Amazon search results for those in market for a smart lock.

As success was found within Amazon Sponsored Ads, Flywheel got to work on finding niche audiences in Amazon DSP retargeting campaigns for some harder-to-sell Amazon SKUs.

yale home
Monthly Orders

Monthly orders driven by Amazon paid media: Up 234%

Cost per Acquisition

Cost per Acquisition: Down 40%

Average Margin

Average margin per sale: Up 33%

Amazon Ads Case Study