Case Study: August Home

Establishing a clear media performance baseline and scaling a demand generation program

Case Study
In early 2016, August Home was just about to launch their 2nd generation smart lock and 1st generation doorbell camera. They were ready to put serious media spend behind those product launches, but they lacked the understanding about their current paid media cost per acquisition.

We needed to hone in on which digital marketing strategies and tactics would improve those baseline metrics to hit their aggressive growth targets.

Flywheel Demand Generation worked directly with finance and senior-level leadership to establish appropriate cost-per-acquisition targets and a strategy to dial media dollars up or down depending on relative performance within cost-per-acquisition “guardrails”. The ad hoc team met once per week to check in on performance versus guardrails and made quick decisions regarding media spend, channel priority, and optimizations.

New media channels and tactics were tested to generate a core, always-on, media plan that laddered in to August’s revenue goals. Channel testing uncovered many channels that serve as the core of August’s current media mix – Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon DSP, Connected TV, YouTube ads, Paid Search, and Paid Social.

august home
Year One

Sales: Increased by 91%

Cost per Acquisition: Reduced by 15%

Year Two

Sales: Increased by 91%

Cost per Acquisition: Reduced by 40%

Year Three

Sales: Increased by 57%

Cost per Acquisition: Reduced by 65%

cost per acquisition