Amazon Demand Side Platform (Amazon DSP)

Don’t let Amazon determine your Amazon media strategy

Amazon knows the purchase behavior of the buyers on its platform. Thanks to that level of insight, they are now the 3rd largest advertising company in the United States.


Don’t let Amazon run campaigns on your behalf just because you don’t have the time. Advertising revenue is a key element of Amazon’s path to profitability, and your needs may not align with that goal. Trusting your Amazon DSP campaigns to Flywheel Demand Generation means that you determine what metrics are important to your business.


Let us sift through the Amazon acronym machine (DPV, ATL, ATC, NTB, SSnS, etc.) to narrow focus to what matters to you.

Case Study
Driving Return on Every Dollar Spent

To complement Amazon Sponsored Ad investment, Flywheel bolted on Amazon DSP to both pull back customers from abandoned carts and target look-a-likes across Amazon's network based on purchase history. Ongoing commitment and optimization has led to a 4x increase in return on adspend with no ceiling hit yet. Your startup could be next!

Amazon DSP Return on Adspend

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